Oregon Conservation Strategy ecoregions provide information on each of Oregon’s nine ecoregions, which are portions of the state with similar climate and vegetation. Information is provided on the characteristics, conservation issues and priorities, limiting factors, recommended approaches, Strategy Species, and Strategy Habitats for each ecoregion. Press the map (thumbtack) icon at the top right corner of this page to see a map of the ecoregions, or visit the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) Compass mapping application.

For the inland portion of the state, the Strategy uses the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Level III Ecoregions, but combines the Snake River Plain with the Northern Basin and Range. The Strategy designates the Nearshore ecoregion from the outer boundary of Oregon’s Territorial Sea at 3 nautical miles to the supratidal zone affected by wave spray and overwash at extreme high tides on our ocean shoreline, and up into the portions of estuaries where species depend on the saltwater that comes in from the ocean.