Since 2006, a great number of private landowners, conservation groups, watershed councils, land trusts, outdoor interest groups, tribes, municipalities, agencies, consultants, and others have helped to implement many of the recommendations in the Oregon Conservation Strategy. For the 10-year update, many of these organizations and individuals contributed ideas and expertise.

The ODFW thanks everyone who contributes toward the Oregon Conservation Strategy goals of protecting Oregon’s fish, wildlife, and habitats!

Late-successional conifer forest in the Willamette National Forest.
Photo Credit: U.S. Forest Service. Late-successional conifer forest in the Willamette National Forest.

Stakeholder Advisory Committee

For the 10-year update, ODFW convened a Stakeholder Advisory Committee. The committee reviewed drafts of updated content, offered guidance for keeping the content and format relevant to their partner organizations, and circulated notifications for the review process throughout the state.

Organization Contact(s)
Association of Oregon Counties Mark Nystrom (Bob Bovett, alternate)
Audubon Society of Portland Bob Sallinger
Coalition of Oregon Land Trusts Kelley  Beamer
Defenders of Wildlife Elizabeth Ruther
Institute for Natural Resources Sara Vickerman
Network of Oregon Watershed Councils Ryan Gordon
Oregon Association of Conservation Districts Mark Saelens (Jerry Nicolescu, alternate)
Oregon Cattlemen’s Association Jerome Rosa
Oregon Chapter of American Fisheries Society Troy Brandt
Oregon Chapter of The Wildlife Society Leslie Bliss-Ketchum
Oregon Farm Bureau Jennifer Dresler and MaryAnne Nash
Oregon Forest Industries Council Seth Barnes
Oregon Habitat Joint Ventures Bruce Taylor
Oregon Hunters Association Steve Hagan
Oregon Small Woodlands Association John Westall (Jim James, alternate)
Oregon Wild Quinn Read
Oregon Wildlife Heritage Foundation Tim Greseth
Oregonians For Food and Shelter Scott Dahlman
Oregon State University Extension Dana Sanchez
Portland Metro Jonathan Soll
Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Rick Larson (Dave Wiley, alternate)
The Nature Conservancy Cathy Macdonald
The Wild Salmon Center Greg Block
Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Fund Mia Sheppard
Travel Oregon Kristin Dahl
Trout Unlimited Tom Wolf
Trust for Public Land Kristin Kovalik
Oregon Fish & Wildlife Commission Liaison Holly Akenson
U.S. Forest Service Josh Chapman
U.S. Geological Survey Nicole DeCrappeo
Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board Renee Davis-Born and Eric Hartstein
Oregon Department of Transportation Cidney Howard and Chris Maguire
Oregon Department of Forestry Andy Yost
Oregon Water Resources Department Alyssa Mucken and R. Craig Kohanek
Oregon Department of Agriculture Margaret Matter
Bureau of Land Management Lee Folliard and Bruce Hollen
Natural Resources Conservation Service Tom Makowski; Jeremy Maestas; Michael Merrill
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Rollie White and Craig Rowland
Oregon Department of Environmental Quality Rian vanden Hooff
National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration Rob Walton
Oregon Department of Land Conservation & Development Amanda Punton

Technical reviewers

Technical experts helped update the content to reference current efforts, new science, and relevant initiatives. Organizations and individuals who served as technical reviewers or contributors throughout the 2016 Conservation Strategy update included:

Organization Contact(s)
American Bird Conservancy Bob Altman
Association of Northwest Steelheaders Norman Ritchie and Bill Kremers
Bureau of Indian Affairs Anna Schmidt
City of Salem Patricia Farrell
Clackamas Soil and Water Conservation District Clair Klock
Confederated Tribes of Coos, Lower Umpqua, and Siuslaw Indians; Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde; Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians of Oregon; Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation; Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs Natural resources program leaders and biologists
Oregon Department of Environmental Quality Heather Tugaw; Smita Metha; Wade Peerman; Debra Sturdevant; Karla Urbanowicz
Oregon Department of Land Conservation & Development Katherine Daniels and Jeff Weber
Oregon Department of State Lands Kathy Verble
Greenbelt Land Trust Mike Pope
Institute for Applied Ecology Rebecca Currin
Independent Kristi Boken; Jay Bowerman; Laura Brophy; Tom Burke; Charlotte Corkran; Gregory Green; Jane Hartline; Tim Hiller; Frank Isaacs; Gary Ivey; James Bergdahl; Rebecca O’Neil; Pat Ormsbee; Chris Rombough; Dana Ross; Al Smith
Institute for Natural Resources – Oregon State University Jimmy Kagan
Institute for Natural Resources – Portland State University Theresa Burscu
Intertwine Alliance (Portland Metro area) Michael Wetter and David Cohen
Klamath Bird Observatory John Alexander and Kate Halstead
League of Oregon Cities Tracy Rutten and Erin Doyle
Lewis and Clark College Carol Macbeth
Oregon Biodiversity Information Center Eleanor Gaines
Oregon Department of Agriculture Kelly Amsberry; Jordan Brown; John Byers; Jim LaBonte; Bob Meinke
Oregon Department of Forestry Kyle Abraham; Marganne Allen;  Brad Knotts
Oregon Department of Energy Todd Cornett
Oregon Invasive Species Council Paul Heimowitz and Wyatt Williams
Oregon/Washington Partners in Flight Aaron Holmes
Oregon State University John Bailey; Meghan Dalton; Dan Edge; Clint Epps; William Gerth; Christian Hagan; Chris Marshall; Bob Mason; Phil Mote; Trent Seeger; Lindsey Thurman
Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission Fran Recht
Portland State University – Center for Lakes and Reservoirs Mark Sytsma and Robyn Draheim
Sierra Club Rhett Lawrence
The Nature Conservancy Steve Buttrick; Dan Bell; Debbie Pickering; Gway Kirchner; Leslie Bach; Mark Stern; Michael Schindel; Ken Popper
The Wetlands Conservancy Esther Lev
Tillamook Estuary Partnership Laura Philips
Trust for Public Land Owen Wozniak
University of Oregon Adam Novick
University of Washington Michael Case
U.S. Forest Service Ray Davis; Dede Olson; Tiffany Young
U.S. Geological Survey Mike Adams; Bruce Bury; Chris Pearl
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Rebecca Chuck; Gary Cooper; Scott McCarthy; Tom Miewald; Kevin O’Hara; Madeline Steele
Waterwatch of Oregon John Devoe and Brian Posewicz
Weyerhauser Mike Rochelle
Wildlife Conservation Society Sean Matthews
Oregon Wildlife Institute  Dave Vesely
Willamette Partnership Sara O’Brien; Bobby Cochran; Nicole Manness
Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation Emilie Blevins; Sarina Jepsen; Candace Fallon; Scott Black; Mace Vaughan; Rich Hatfield


ODFW Staff

Conservation Strategy Team: Andrea Hanson; Arthur Rodriguez; Martin Nugent; Lindsay Adrean; Susan Barnes; Simon Wray; Audrey Hatch; Christina Donehower

Contributors and Reviewers: Todd Alsbury; Ron Anglin; Greg Apke; Brian Bangs; David Banks; Craig Banner; Sue Beilke; Herman Biederbeck; Kevin Blakely; Rick Boatner; Robert Bradley; Nancy Breuner; Brian Ratliff; Jim Brick; Chase Brown; Steve Cherry; Shaun Clements; Cilla Coe; Tom Collom; Todd Confer; Doug Cottam; Jackie Cupples; Meghan Dugan; Leonard Erickson; Danette Faucera; Craig Foster; Tom Friesen; Jon Germond; Erin Gilbert; Colin Gillin; Kevin Goodson; Bernadette Graham-Hudson; Mike Gray; Sara Gregory; Scott Groth; Karen Hans; Mike Harrington; Corey Heath; Bob Hooton; Matthew Hunter; Greg Jackle; Aaron Jenkins; Dave Jepsen; Matt Keenan; Jason Kirchner; Rod Klus; Chris Knutsen; Rod Krahmer; Ann Kreager; Greg Krutzikowsky; Autumn Larkins; Nick Leonetti; Randy Lewis; Kenny Loffink; Stuart Love; Tod Lum; Art Martin; Steve Marx; Pat Mathews; Curt Melcher; Holly Michael; Philip Milburn; Tonya Moore; Michael Moore; Tom Murtagh; Nick Myatt; Anne Mary Myers; Shivonne Nesbit; Steve Niemela; Dave Nuzum; Justin Primus; Polly Rankin; Martyne Reesman; Sarah Reif; Kelly Reis; Eric Rickerson; Tom Segal; John Spangler; Tom Stahl; Nancy Taylor; Laura Tesler; Jeremy Thompson; James Torland; Ryan Torland; Scott Torland; Don VandeBergh; Dan VanDyke; Joy Vaughan; Tim Walters; Kelly Walton; Trevor Watson; Michelle Weaver; Brian Wolfer; Chris Yee; Jeff Ziller


Cover Photo Credits

Cover for the Oregon Conservation Strategy

Banner: Pacific marten, USFWS; monarch butterfly, Derek Ramsey, Wikipedia; Greater Sage-Grouse, Jeannie Stafford, USFWS; coho salmon, BLM; red sea urchin, Scott Groth; northern red-legged frog, Martyne Reesman, ODFW; northwestern pond turtle, Keith Kohl, ODFW; western lily, ODA

Featured image: Buckhorn Lookout in the Blue Mountains ecoregion, Martin Nugent, ODFW