Common Nighthawk

Photo Credit: Nick Myatt, ODFW


  • Species Common Name Common Nighthawk
  • Species Scientific Name Chordeiles minor
  • State Listing Status Sensitive


Special needs

Common Nighthawks use gravel bars and other sparsely-vegetated grasslands or forest clearings for nesting. As aerial insectivores, they require an adequate prey base.

Limiting factors

Loss and degradation of nesting habitat are primary threats to Common Nighthawks. Changes in hydrology due to hydropower dams and wildfire suppression have contributed to habitat losses. Increased predation pressure by corvids, gulls, and house cats as well as reductions in aerial insect abundance have also adversely affected this species.

Conservation actions

Maintain sparsely-vegetated grassland patches. Restore natural disturbance regimes. Restore riparian and wetland habitat to support the insect prey base of nighthawks.

Key reference or plan

The Willamette Valley Landowner's Guide to Creating Habitat for Grassland Birds