Monarch Butterfly

Monarch Butterfly in Corvallis, OR Photo Credit: Molly Monroe, Corvallis Sustainability Coalition


  • Species Common Name Monarch Butterfly
  • Species Scientific Name Danaus plexippus


    Special needs

    Caterpillars feed almost exclusively on milkweed (Asclepias spp.). Adults require nectar from flowering plants blooming in the spring and fall to fuel migrations.

    Limiting factors

    Availability of milkweed and nectar plants is an important limiting factor for monarch butterflies. Mowing of milkweed from roadsides before caterpillars have developed and pesticides can be harmful to monarchs.

    Conservation actions

    Plant milkweed and nectar plants. Avoid mowing during critical development periods.

    Key reference or plan

    A Guide to the Native Milkweeds of Oregon The Monarch Larva Monitoring Project