Trumpeter Swan

Photo Credit: Tom Koerner, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service


  • Species Common Name Trumpeter Swan
  • Species Scientific Name Cygnus buccinator
  • State Listing Status Sensitive


Special needs

Trumpeter Swans are closely associated with wetlands. Breeding pairs, wintering birds, and migrants need high-quality marshes, ponds, or other water bodies with submerged aquatic plants for foraging and emergent vegetation for nesting. They require sites with minimal human disturbance.

Limiting factors

Trumpeter Swans breed in small numbers in eastern Oregon and have low recruitment. Habitat is degraded in most of the Harney Basin due to a common carp infestation. Poor habitat conditions during drought years can also impact this species.

Conservation actions

Improve and protect emergent wetlands through enhanced water distribution and management capability. Mark/modify known powerline collision hazards. Continue translocation efforts to enhance/expand the Oregon breeding population.