Western Toad

Photo Credit: ODFW


  • Species Common Name Western Toad
  • Species Scientific Name Anaxyrus boreas
  • State Listing Status Sensitive


    Special needs

    Western toads use wetlands, ponds, and lakes for breeding. They prefer extensive, sunny shallows with short, sparse, or no vegetation for egg-laying and for tadpole schools to move widely as they forage on organic mud and surface diatoms.

    Limiting factors

    Loss of breeding habitat, largely due to changes in water-level management, has been linked to declines of western toads. Siltation, road mortality at crossings adjacent to major breeding sites, and recreational impacts also threaten toads in some areas.

    Conservation actions

    Maintain water levels and vegetation buffers at major breeding sites. Install culverts or drift fences at problem road crossings near major breeding sites. Inform recreationists about the importance of minimizing shoreline impacts. Perform periodic control of vegetation height and density at occupied sites where these factors could interfere with breeding. Use distribution information when considering new developments, especially at mid- or low-elevation locations.

    Life History Traits