White-headed Woodpecker

Photo Credit: Simon Wray, ODFW


  • Species Common Name White-headed Woodpecker
  • Species Scientific Name Picoides albolarvatus
  • Federal Listing Status Species of Concern
  • State Listing Status Sensitive


Special needs

White-headed Woodpeckers are found in large tracts of open ponderosa pine woodlands. They require mature trees for foraging and snags for nesting.

Limiting factors

White-headed Woodpeckers have experienced declines and local extirpations. Loss of mature ponderosa pine trees and snags, habitat degradation from encroaching trees and shrubs, and lack of recruitment of young ponderosa pine into larger size classes have adversely affected this species. Egg predation in areas of high predator (most likely chipmunks and golden-mantled ground squirrels, Callospermophilus lateralis) densities is associated with shrubs and downed wood.

Conservation actions

Retain existing (or manage to create) large tracts of open, mature woodland. Retain snags and high cut stumps. Eliminate or restrict fuelwood cutting of stumps and snags in suitable habitat.

Key reference or plan

A Conservation Assessment for the White-headed Woodpecker (Picoides albolarvatus)